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This Land Is My Land,This Land Is Your Land

This Land Is My Land,This Land Is Your Land

We need a fairer tax system – one that rectifies the historic wrong whereby land ownership and natural resource wealth has been taken by a few; one that protects our natural resources from over-use; one that cannot be avoided or evaded. We need transparency in our taxation. Profits are notoriously […]

A Just Transition or Just a Transition?

A major criticism that has been levelled at Occupy LSX is that the movement has become an umbrella for too many issues. “What do they want?” our mainstream media asks, as a stroll through the camp makes it clear that democracy and corporate greed are not the only issues being […]

What do Bankers Have to do With Oceans, Ice Sheets and Orangutans?

The Occupy Movement isn’t just about bankers, or cuts. It’s much deeper, broader and more complex than that… and it’s got a lot to do with loving this earth we live on. Environment and economics are inextricably linked. One doesn’t have to understand fractional reserve banking to understand this. The […]