The Occupied Times of London was founded during the first week of the protest occupation of land adjacent to St Paul’s cathedral in October 2011. The first issue was published on the 24th of October, just nine days after the occupation began, with a print run of 2,000 copies of 12 A4 pages. For the first six weeks the paper was produced weekly out of a tent by a small but dedicated team. The OT quickly settled as an A3, broadsheet-sized newspaper and gradually increased in pages, becoming a monthly publication of around 20 pages after six months. Today, we aim to release an issue roughly every quarter.

The OT uses 100% recycled paper and continues to be printed by Aldgate Press, as it has been since the first issue. It is folded at the London Action Resource Centre by the group who produce it.

While acknowledging a shared history with the 2011 protests, the OT today is not affiliated in any way with Occupy. The publication is totally independent and self-funded through donations – nobody is paid. Without input from a wide variety of contributors, the OT could not be produced. The collective is grateful to all contributors past and present.


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