Cyprus Community Calls for Economic Solutions

April 16, 2013


Community groups in Cyprus are calling for ideas from around the world to solve the economic problems crippling the island. They have launched the OpenCyprus website to collect short texts and videos with practical ideas from international thinkers.

Three weeks after the banking sector of Cyprus collapsed, different community groups in Cyprus have come together to hold a series of conferences and workshops aimed at implementing grass-roots solutions to their daily problems. These include access to currency, loss of jobs, and looming problems of supply shortages.

Rather than wait for the European Union or the Cypriot government to solve these problems, the community members are pushing forward with their own fixes. However, they need practical ideas and input.

The OpenCyprus initiative has been created in response to this need. Through the website, thinkers from around the world can submit 1000 word texts or 10 minute videos with their practical ideas. These contributions will be displayed in an online “congress”, and shown at various events across Cyprus. The best ideas will be put into practice through a series of workshops.

The OpenCyprus “call for papers” runs until April 30 2013. OpenCyprus hopes to collect ideas from some of the leading alternative economists, political scientists and community activists from across the globe. The same ideas may prove applicable for other countries in the future.

To contribute, write a 1000 word text or film a 10 minute video, then go to and submit your ideas.

Press contact:

Chara Stephanou, OpenCyprus national coordinator
Tel. 00357 99310900

Joel Dullroy, OpenCyprus international coordinator
Tel: 0049 151 22 88 3212