Universal Jobmatch Chrome Extension

November 18, 2013


Universal Automation is an extension for Google’s Chrome browser that automatically searches and applies for jobs on Universal Jobmatch (the government-run job search website that benefit claimants are forced to use). The purpose of this project is to ‘’support the unemployed in their fight against the bullying and repressive regime of benefit sanctions.’’

The application is currently at a very early proof of concept stage of development. You can download and install the extension from automation.strikenow.org.uk

Benefit claimant

Download the software and feedback to the group developing it. You need to give your Universal Jobmatch account details and job search parameters to the app. Once that’s done, it will perform the search you requested and try to apply to all jobs on the first page of search results. It needs a lot of improvement and additional functionality to be a complete product but it shows that the basic idea is viable.


The project is far from complete and seeks other developers contributing to it.