Boycott Israel

November 13, 2014


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Many companies actively facilitate Israeli apartheid. Boycotting them all would be a daunting task. Instead, focus on a few optimal targets. Consumer boycotts are most effective when part of a broader campaign against a particular product or company.

Fresh Fruit / Vegetables

  • Look on the packaging for the country of origin.

  • Avoid “Produce of… “

    • Israel

    • West Bank

    • Jordan Valley

Hewlett Packard (HP)



Do not rely on the barcode alone – Whilst a barcode which starts with 729 is a good indication that the product has been made by an Israeli company, not all Israeli goods have 729 barcodes.




  • Mekorot is Israel’s national water company and illegally appropriates Palestinian water, diverting it to illegal Israeli settlements and towns inside Israel.


  • Veolia provide a number of services for illegal Israeli settlements, including landfill, sewage processing and bus services.

Campaign for G4S/Mekorot/Veolia to be excluded from public contracts by your local authority. Contact your local authority and demand a justification for their relationships with these companies.


Encourage an organisation you are a member of to endorse BDS

  • Persuade a union or association that you are a member of to endorse the call from Palestinian civil society for a targeted BDS movement.

Organise a boycott action at a retailer that sells Israeli goods

  • Build awareness/support for the boycott of Israel

  • Pressure retailer to stop stocking Israeli goods

Get involved in your area

  • You can find a local group here

London Palestine Action | @LondonPalestine |